Life Stream



video installation with sound

‘Live Stream’ is a video installation that simulates a scene in the room. This work discusses that digital devices have been fully integrated into our lives, every moment of the day. In addition to bringing us the convenience of connecting the world, it also exposes our private life to strangers. Is our private space still safe? Do we still have a hint of private space in the digital world? In recent years, more and more TV series and films have discussed the shortcomings of high-tech products, such as 'Black Mirror' and ‘Unfriended'. Some people invade others' private life through these cameras connected to countless electronic products. 'Live Stream' creates a scene that allows the audience to peep into the life of another person. A woman ( who is played by myself)'s daily life is shared on the computer. At the same time, there is a word document by the side to record her each movement. These settings can't help but remind people of a perverted stalker.


The live part of the video is my life recorded with a computer camera, including I spending a lot of time on social networks, using retouching software to make myself look more beautiful, searching for hashtags as well as posting selfies to get more likes and attention. The online world has made people's real lives more and more deformed. Some people are addicted to socializing in the virtual world, and some people peep at the lives of others through the Internet to gain satisfaction. The film creates an illusion of using a computer by recording the screen, such as typing the word, chatting in time in live video.

Life Stream exhibited in 'Postopia' exhibition, Ugly Duck, 22-25 Feb 2019