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The Green Light



double screens video installation

This is a dual-screen video installation with 2 screens back to back. The film is about the protagonists in two parallel worlds seeing an interview about the ‘green light’, and then someone closes to them experienced the same thing. These two people reacted differently toward it. As the story progresses, the two protagonists slowly reveal the different experience of them and their friends when they came across the ‘green light’ event in high school. This is a fictional story, but at the same time, it reflects people's doubts about the source of information in real society, and about the truthfulness of unacceptable things. It is hard for the public to believe a strange accidental event, but if more and more of the same event occurs, the attitude from the public will change and we get further and further away from the truth. I use two screens to make the story more complex. The left side shows the story from a third-person angle. In this world, the protagonist is an innocent bystander. The other screen is the behind-the-scenes operator. She planned the ‘green light’ event for people to start discussing and paying attention to.

Research Painting  研究绘画