snow white_Moment3.jpg

Snow White



single-channel video with sound

This is a narrative surreal short film. The film tells a story about escape, inspired by human experience about being chased in a dream. The film refers to Maya Deren's classic film ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’ and repeats the scene where the protagonist wakes up in a dream, intertwining the dream and reality. The story takes place in an ordinary domestic scene, borrowing the key element of ‘Apple’ to connect the real and fictional space. Through the arrangement and combination of objects, the protagonist's unreasonable behavior creates a strange and uncanny atmosphere. For example, a huge wax heart is placed on the dining table, a bleeding apple, and a person crawls into the suitcase. These surreal settings make the film full of mystery.


This work uses a lot of post-production editing, such as overlapping images or putting the same two people in a space, creating an illusion. There are no narrations and dialogues in the whole video, only the visual language is used to convey the story.