single-channel video with sound

This video explores the psychological defense mechanisms. The shelter in the film is a cave, referring to the inner safe haven of people. The film uses a lot of video clips and voice over to tell an inner struggle process. I use symbolic elements and montages to represent psychological changes at different stages, such as Dolly the sheep kept in a museum, the fox walking in the garden, etc. The narrative of this film is simple and clear, focusing on showing a tangled inner state, afraid of the damage caused by the external world, and looking forward to becoming brave to return to society. Using a lot of post-production, the overlap of multiple moving images creates the effect of illusion and imagination.


The scenes of this film are edited using the old video materials I’ve collected, and the corresponding video fragments are found according to the needs of the script. By referring to semiotics to edit the material. This is a film that unfolds the story from a voice over, using language to connect fragmented pieces together. By making this work, I found my interest in being a storyteller, and my research still focuses on human psychology.