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Movie Sins


video installation

old television,  wooden drawer,

DVDs,  clock, picture frames

27'48''. Seven single-channel

videos with subtitle, no sound

‘Movie Sins’ is a silent film composed of 7 short videos. Each video is borrowed from a classic movie, and I adapted it from the original lines to connect the theme of each short film with one of the seven deadly sins. Since I used post-production to make the picture very blurry, the audience can only rely on subtitles to understand the content. I installed all the movie DVDs I used, but I blurred the cover, including the clock's surface and the photos in the photo frame. All this simulates the illusory and uncertain scene in the memory.

This work is inspired by the variability and inaccuracy of memory. People's memories will change slightly with time and experience. When I give a lot of clues, can the audience know exactly which movie is playing, and is the line of the movie consistent with their impression? This work uses a lot of post-production. Christian Marclay inspired me to borrow film materials into my work. I reconstructed them to create a scene in memory, which bring the audience into a strange scene with familiarity.


The connection between the seven deadly sins and the movie clips stems from my research on human desires and essence. Movies are reflections of life and human nature. Seven short videos are enough to reflect the various forms of life.