2 screens video installation, no sound


This work is a looping video installation consisting of two vertical monitors. In this installation, it shows two records of browsing Instagram on a phone. The two screens play simultaneously, and the same accounts appear in order, but the content posted on both sides is different. On the left are popular topic posts that we can often see on Instagram, such as travel, beauty, selfies, study, art, food, fitness, etc. Although the screen on the right has the same posting accounts, it presents a completely different mentality and conveys a more negative mood. I used the photos downloaded online to fabricate virtual character accounts and their lives and matched the posts with these photos.


The inspiration for the work comes from my doubts about the content received on social networks. A large number of people spend a lot of time sharing their lives on social platforms, gaining inner satisfaction by being followed and liked. But is the private life as glorious as they post it? As a loyal user of a social platform, my experience tells me that some people hide their true life and create a perfect avatar in the virtual network. I hope that through such a comparison of the left and right screens, the audience will see the different mentalities of the same person at the same time more directly.


is left when we see a post on a public platform?