Bathing in a fish tank



single-channel video with sound

This film is a non-linear narrative, which mixes memory, imagination, and dreams through the whole video. The story was inspired by a false memory of mine. When I was six years old, I traveled to the beach with my teachers and classmates, and then I bathed in a fish tank on the beach. I clearly remember the shame of being watched naked by people passing by. But after talking with friends, I found that this memory did not actually happen in my life. It may be that a dream was implanted into my memory. The film arouses sexual awakening and cognition of hidden desires through narration. In Asian culture, sex is a quite sensitive topic. Even parents or schools will not take the initiative to discuss with children. Growing up in this repressive atmosphere has caused many people's sexual desire to be gradually distorted or accompanied by a sense of shame. In the previous research, I referred to Sigmund Freud's book ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’, which illustrates the relationship between dreams and the unconscious, as well as the discussion of dream and sex. I intentionally introduced a clip from David Lynch's ‘Blue Velvet’ into the film, gradually revealing the character's true desire and her resistance to moral constraints.