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I’m an unreliable narrator and video is my tool to tell stories. In my works, the same or parallel story is told by multiple people. Who is telling truth and who is lying? This question arouses my doubt of reality and fiction, under the environment of the digital age and social virtualization. The relationship between 'secret', 'desire' and 'experience' is something that my works focusing on. I explore how human's hidden desires affect our physical and mental life, especially focus on digging into everyone's secrets and seeing how these different secrets reflect on the universal human experience. I intend to investigate the strange feelings within familiar scenes, mostly they are interior spaces, like domestic scenes, and challenge the boundary between public space and private life. For instance, I installed a scene with a desk and a computer in the work ‘Life Stream’ and invited people to watch my daily life. Private conversations and actions are always exposed in my video, and the boundary between living and acting is blurred. Sometimes I use daily footage to write a drama, and sometimes I hire actors to act like normal. Colour is a key element in my works as well. I aim to use monochrome or strong contrast colors to keep the consistency of the footage and magnify the dramatic atmosphere.


My inspiration always comes from our daily life and fictional stories. I peep at people's private life by filming their daily lives or collecting their secrets to become the raw footage of my work. Based on it, I rewrite the story and edit it by post-production. For instance, in my work 'Alice, John, Max, Sally, Jenny, and Will', I secretly filmed random people talking in a public space. By eliminating the sound and adding subtitles, I created a family drama to this 'ready-made' scene for these unrelated people.