thai friends

Alice, Max, John, Sally, Jenny, and Will

2019.11, HD video, 3 screens, color, sound, 4’ 54”.

When I watch people talk to each other, especially when they speak a language that I can't understand, I'm wondering what are they talking about, and I'm imagining what kind of people are they. Once my friend played a game with me while we were waiting for food in the restaurant. She said let's make a voiceover for the two men at that table. It becomes the first idea of how I begin this project. So I randomly shot some clips that people talking and wrote lines for them. It's an unconventional way of making a film because the result is unknown. I want to challenge it and see where it goes.

3 screens are playing 3 stories at the same time then they change to another 3 stories. So in total, there are 6 conversations among 6 groups of people. In my screenplay, all these conversations are mainly talking about 6 characters, Alice, Max, John, Sally, Jenny, and Will. They all appear in different scenes. During the conversations, the audience can see the relationship between each character and they could read a secret from one of those six characters.