The relationship between 'secret', 'desire' and 'experience' is something that I always interested in. I explore how human's hidden desires affect our physical and mental life, especially focus on digging into everyone's secrets and seeing how these different secrets reflect on the universality of human experience and emotions. I consider myself a storyteller. My works investigate the strange feeling within familiar scenes and challenge the boundary between public space and private life. I often use mixed media, with a focus on installation and video to build up an uncanny way of telling a story.

As for my installation, the materials I used are second-hand objects, which carry histories and stories from their last owner. They are transformed into new pieces with a new context by utilizing collage and post-production. These domestic objects or furniture are also placed in an abnormal space, like a church or gallery. It fabricates new narratives that lead viewers into a dreamlike world by manipulating space and time, creating an immersive scene. An old classic wooden chair with three different legs and a cushion has luminous writing on it, allows audiences to engage with the surreal, which exposes the unclear boundary between memory and reality.

My video works are divide into two parts, one is performing video and another is the narrative film. My inspiration always comes from our daily life. I peep at people's private life by filming their daily life or collecting their secrets to become the raw material of my work. Based on it, I rewrite the story and edit it by post-production. For example, I secretly filming random people talking in public space, like a restaurant or street. By eliminating the sound and adding subtitles, I give a new story to this 'ready-made' scene. I aim to combine reality and fiction in a film, in which you could see the most natural acting and well-organized line.