A Place Where there is Only Winter



single-channel video with sound

"A place where there is only winter" is a short film about my philosophy of love. In this film, establishing the relationship of two unrelated topics: love and climate changing, encourage the audience to think about how to extend the shelf life of love. Overall, this is a ridiculous metaphor and contrast, but I hope the audience can reflect on the fragility of love in this absurdity. "Each couple has different reasons for being together, but there is only one reason for breaking up, that is, they don't love anymore." This sentence makes many reasons for breaking up very hilarious. Everyone tried every means to hide an obvious answer. The story is narrated through two lines: memory and reality. Using a lot of metaphoric material, through the inner monologue to make these seemingly unrelated fragments reasonable. The color of the image is relatively strong, which increases the drama of the story.

This work is an attempt for me to discuss the cinematic language of films. From screenplay to filming, I have a well-consider arrangement. At this stage, I have studied in depth how to present  half of the story with fragmented pictures, and let the audience conceive the rest. In the film, I explored the cinematography of expressing several spaces or emotions at the same time, like  picture in picture and multi-dynamic image technique. For example, in the scene of a couple quarreling, the picture-in-picture in the foreground is the rough sea, showing the real world and the inner world to the audience at the same time. For the use of metaphorical pictures, I am deeply influenced by the film ‘Nymphomaniac vol.1’, which uses animals to present the relationship of predator and prey in human world. Another attempt was that there was a silent long shot in the film, no music, no dialogue, only white noise. The characters do not have any physical movements, only subtle expression changes. This near-static long shot is a test for the actor, pushing the character's emotions to a climax in the brewing, while also giving this fast-paced narrative work a buffer and breathing space.